Tent Sale

Hi, this is Ed from The Safe Warehouse and this week we have an fantastic sale going on with our Centurion safes made by Liberty.

We have 4 different sizes and we also have Brownings that are on sale. We have a lot of special prices going on and it’s a tent sale that we have going on right here at 4053 Gunn Highway in Tampa,Florida.  

So if you’re anywhere in the Tampa Bay area we would love to have you come starting tomorrow from 10 until 6 through the week until Friday and if you have any questions you can call us directly at 813-908-2100 thats 813-908-2100 and come out and check out the sales.

Give us a call if you like and we can give you some information but this is the week that you need to come down to The Safe Warehouse, better known as The Action Lock and Safe company. See you then.

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