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Review of the Browning Medallion Gun Safe


This video features the Browning Medallion Safe. Weighing in at 850 pounds, and standing at 31 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 5 inches high, this awesome safe wears a 10 gauge steel and features a five spoke handle in addition to a key locking dial with optional digital keypad. This particular Browning features a 90 minute fire protection and is equipped with fire seals that prevent fire from penetrating the crack of the door.

What’s more impressive is this safes’ 18 inch long  bolts which are 2 ½ inches longer than what other safes offer and are attached to a high strength steel angle iron which prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending during a pry attack. With the ability to hold 29 guns on the door and the internal shelving unit the Medallion also features a lighting system that lights the safe when the doors are opened.

The best feature of all? The assurance that this safe is made in the USA. To see more about the Browning Medallion Safe or to watch Ed give an exclusive walk through of this very safe check out this video!

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