Hayman FS-2300


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Hayman’s patented “Poly” safe represents the most dramatic design innovation ever for in-floor safes.  Using molded polyethylene, this safe provides features never before dreamed of, such as storage shelves, and a filing system.  Yet when it comes to security, our “Poly” safes give up nothing.  Once installed into a concrete floor, the polyethylene floor safes give the same level of security that any steel floor safe can provide by utilizing a solid steel door, steel door frame and hardened bolt to secure the door frame into the concrete.  When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.


  • Unique interior shape makes organizing and finding your valuables easy.
  • Vertical file divider fits in between the grooves on the body to allow for upright file storage.
  • Shelving molded into the sides of the safe provide storage for small valuables like jewelry.
  • Plastic body gives guaranteed leak protection from underneath with no risk of rust.
  • Solid steel door frame secured into the concrete with hardened bolts provides the same level of security as any steel safe.
  • Same steel door available on all FS models are removable and interchangeable giving you the freedom to take the door with you when you move.
  • Our innovative boltwork system provides unparalleled security and years of trouble free operation.
  • Half Inch thick steel door Provides impenetrable protection against blunt force attacks.
  • A Re-Locking device fires when the lock is attacked, ensuring your valuables are safe.
  • Hardened Steel under the lock provides excellent resistance against drill attacks.
  • Steel door frame and recessed door provides excellent resistance against prying.
  • Standard Combination Lock provides years of reliable operation while upgrade options for several Electronic Locks give an impressive amount of flexibility.

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Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 18.5 × 15.5 in
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