Hayman CV-SL8K




The CashVault Depository series offers drop convenience, excellent cash control, a variety of options and long lasting durability at a great low price. These safes feature a variety of security features such as an auto-detente (auto-locking system), saw tooth anti-fish baffle, spring loaded re-locking system and hardened drill resistive steel to ensure your cash drops remain protected. We’ve taken every effort to ensure the highest level of quality craftsmanship goes into every safe including large hinges on a replaceable bearing washer to easily hold up on the most strenuous use and a powder coat finish that makes cleaning easy and provides a finish that will last.



  •  Half inch thick solid steel door.
  •  Hardened Drill resistive hard-plate.
  •  Spring Loaded Re-locking system to lock down the safe if attacked.
  •  Saw tooth anti-fish baffle to prevent someone from fishing items back out the drop.
  •  Reinforced door frame to resist pry attacks.
  •  Auto-detente (auto locking system) will automatically extend the bolt work when the door is closed.
  •  Durable powder coated paint is easier to keep clean and longer lasting than most other paints.
  •  Options for a front loader or top loader (hopper) to give you the easiest drop method.
  •  Comes standard with U.L. listed locks, assuring the utmost in security and reliability.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 8 in
Lock Choices

Interior Dimensions

7" x 5"x 10"