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Fatboy Safes by Liberty Safe


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Updated Review Video for 2014!

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This is Ed Jurewicz again bringing you our brand new 2014 Fatboy Liberty safes. We have two models, we have the Fatboy junior right here, which is a Fatboy forty-eight. And you can see now we have a door panel it comes with but it also comes with an upgraded fire protection from forty-five minutes to sixty minutes. Continue reading Fatboy Safes by Liberty Safe

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Tactical 24 – Liberty Gun Safe Review

This is Ed with the Safe Warehouse, and I have a brand new product that we have come on that liberty is presenting and that is the Tactical Liberty safe, the Tactical 24.It has a handle that looks like a bulls-eye, comes with a digital key pad which takes six numbers to get in. And it is made in USA, with a thirty minute fire protection.

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SafElert Review-Motion Alarm by Liberty Safe

Do you own a safe? What will happen is someone attempts to drill into the side of your safe or pry open the door? Will your safe alert you when your belonging are in danger? The SafElert system was created just for this cause. Connected to your smart phone, this system will signal you when it detects that your safe has been opened. It gets better, the SafElert system also makes you aware of low batteries, movements, and temperature/humidity changes in your safe, ensuring that your keepsakes are safe no matter where you are in the world.

This is a must have for any safe owner and all it requires is internet and a smart phone and for $199 its a price that can’t be beat! Tune in to this video and watch Ed walk you through all that this product can do for you.

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Review of the AmVault Jewelry Safe


Are you looking to lock up your jewelry, coin, gold, or silver? The AmVault TL30 may be perfect for you and is what insurance companies prefer you to have. It features two re-locking devices and an hardplate. Inside are locking bolts on either sides, weighs 2,679lbs, and has a 2 hour fire protection.

This safe is not a gun safe, but a jewelry safe and you can be sure that your valuables will be safe locked away in this durable piece. For more information, watch this video.

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Review of the Browning Medallion Gun Safe


This video features the Browning Medallion Safe. Weighing in at 850 pounds, and standing at 31 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 5 inches high, this awesome safe wears a 10 gauge steel and features a five spoke handle in addition to a key locking dial with optional digital keypad. This particular Browning features a 90 minute fire protection and is equipped with fire seals that prevent fire from penetrating the crack of the door.

What’s more impressive is this safes’ 18 inch long  bolts which are 2 ½ inches longer than what other safes offer and are attached to a high strength steel angle iron which prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending during a pry attack. With the ability to hold 29 guns on the door and the internal shelving unit the Medallion also features a lighting system that lights the safe when the doors are opened.

The best feature of all? The assurance that this safe is made in the USA. To see more about the Browning Medallion Safe or to watch Ed give an exclusive walk through of this very safe check out this video!

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Gun Safe Review-The Liberty Lincoln 50 Gun Safe


The American-made Liberty Lincoln 50 Model Gun Safe comes in 3 different sizes ranging from 6 ft to 5.5ft in height and comes equipped with a 5 spoke handle. Constructed in various colors (Matte or glossy) this beauty features a 90 minute fire proof protection, key lock dial with re-locking device, ball bearing hard plate, and that’s just the exterior! Inside you’ll find 1 ¼ inch locking bolts and popular deluxe door panel with pockets that holds up to ten pistols and room to spare for accessories.

In addition, the safe comes equipped with a 4-in-1 flexible interior, giving you the option to have shelves or to make room for rifles. That’s not all folks! The Liberty 50 allows you to utilize maximum space with its jewelry drawer, and find exactly what you’re looking for in the dark with top and side lights. To see this safe and all its features watch this video.